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8 months ago
              A D.I.Y

a very festive revamped garland perfect for your valentine. hang wherever you might need to spice up a blank wall, or just get into the spirt of things.
you will need 
- a hanging shape / tinsel garland ( i found my star garland laying around the house, most likely used for a 4th of july decoration, you can also pick this up very cheap at walmart for as low as 2.99 / also spotted at dollar tree)
- construction paper (assorted colors of your choice)
- a glue gun
- scissors
- time, patience, blood, sweat & tears (for cutting out all those pesky little hearts)
how to
cut out an assortment of sizes and colors of your hearts, place a drop of glue on your tinsel shape, attach one heart.. place another drop on the opposite and layer on another heart. aka a sandwich of looOoOove. 
hang up wherever you please and bask in the cheeriness. 
8 months ago
details• would you believe this look was created completely with @wetnwildbeauty products? well believe it. #beauty doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. • used - #34210 no #neutral ground color icon #eyeshadow medley • mega #liner #liquideyeliner in #861 black • mega plump #mascara 💋 #motd #ilovemakeup #wetnwild
8 months ago
sweetheart series 💋 look 2 • seemingly traditional colors for #valentinesday a #romance of baby pink & soft brown • champagne for highlight • rosy coral cheeks • #mua #makeupjunkies @wetnwildbeauty #fullface #love #makeupartist #art #beauty
8 months ago
💘💋 sweetheart mini series • 1 look each day leading up towards friday the 14th! • perfect to wear for your special date 😉 or simply just to enhance your beauty • look 1 soft brown crease + stacked lashes. a very simple and easy to re-create look! highlight the brow bone with a light golden pale shades, “transition” shade of brown lightly smoked out in your crease. add wispy lashes on top & bottom! • #mua #makeup #series #lookbook #beauty #glam #datenight #love #valentine #makeupgirls #fotd #motd
8 months ago
L E M O N ・W A T E R

                       a lifestyle tip 

why lemons? lemons have an extreme amount of nutrients including : vitamin C, & B, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, AND fiber.

bonus benefits you may not have known about lemon water

- aids your digestion! it also helps to relieve indigestion symptoms like heartburn, or bloating.

- cleanses your system! by flushing out toxins in your body and stimulating your liver.

- freshens breath! and can also relieve toothaches + gingivitis. just make sure you brush before or after drinking. 

- helps clear your skin! packed with antioxidants that decrease pimples + wrinkles.

- aids in weight loss! the pectin fiber in lemons fights those hunger cravings.

- easy caffeine replacement! a cup of hot water with lemon gives you that same energy boost without the crash.

this simple little lifestyle change or addition can benefit you so much. i’ve personally included lemon water into my daily routine. a hot cup of lemon water in the morning (15 -30 minutes before your breakfast can help with your digestion ) and chilled lemon water throughout the day. this is also a very easy way to make sure your drinking enough water all day.